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Established in 2007 in Zimbabwe and in 2009 in Malawi, it has three subsidiaries, Archive-It Services, Custodial Services and Lacho Freight. ACL Holdings was born out of the potential identified to be a powerhouse in offering an unparalleled professional service in our expert areas of document handling, document storage, document management, warehousing services, freight-forwarding and customs clearing.

Archive-It Services and Lacho Freight had since been operational since 2002 and 2004 respectively, under the directorship of Brighton Matikiti. In 2007 after three years of operation of Custodial Services, Philip Chakawarika came together with Mr. Matikiti to form ACL Holdings. This was based on a mutual interest in storage facilities as well as that this was a growing industry with capacity to go beyond borders in operation. The Zimbabwean branch has made its mark in the market and boasts of over 80 clients for all subsidiaries.

2009 came with great achievements for ACL Holdings given official launch of the ACL Holdings brand and the regional expansion into the Malawi market. This was supported by extensive research, great investment, and a dedicated team effort. Today, the Malawi branch is fully operational and already provides service to many clients for all subsidiaries.

In 2010, ACL Holdings also successfully expanded its operations domestically to the Bulawayo market, which now is also fully operational. As an organisation, ACL Holdings believes in moving forward with excellence, thus all our services are designed to give you the peace of mind to see you continue to grow in your own operations.As your profit margins continue to grow, the operating costs in time inefficiencies, space rental and security, and human and material resources will reduce considerably.

Establishment and maintenance of a business empire with a lasting legacy, offering unparalleled professional service in the areas of Document Handling, Document Storage, Document Management, warehousing services, freight-forwarding and customs clearing within Zimbabwe and across Africa.

We are driven by insatiable appetite for unparalleled continental dominance in our area of expertise resulting in the creation and enhancement of value added service to all our clients. We are committed to professionalism in all our business activities, in ensuring that our clients’ goods are kept as though they are ours.


Innovation: We choose to do things differently, we believe in innovativeness
Maturity: A mature approach by every team member is a must
Professionalism: When it comes to business, we do not cross the line
Accountability:We are socially responsible to all our stake holders in everything we do
Care: We treat our clients’ goods as though they were ours
Trust: We would rather lose our sleep so you can have your


Archive-it specialises in Onsite and offsite filing and archiving of records, Records retrievals, Records destructions, Automating records databases, Records management consultancy,Box sales and After sales audits.

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Custodial Services

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Lacho Freight

Lacho Freight provides a superior service for handling of bulk, containerised, project and out of gauge cargo, with flat-bed and drop-side trailers with unparalleled capacity for your cargo.

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