ACL Holdings

Corporate Social Responsibility

ACL Holdings believes in the wealth and potential of Africa and its people. To that end it has been adopting and sponsoring several students up to Univerisity level in Zimbabwe and Malawi for the last years. Many students have passed through the hands of ACL Holdings. The executive members in ACL Holdings are also involved in the mentorship and development of the young people and students in their individual capacity and at corporate level. They have formed youth fellowships in their churches and communities they live in their individual capacity and heavily supported by ACL Holdings.

ACL Holdings has made it a habit to sponsor school sporting activities by providing rugby jerseys to Churchill Boys High School, Zimbabwe.

Educational Institutions in Zimbabwe and Malawi have been receiving donations of Ach Lever files courtesy of ACL Holdings. Over the years the company has been making donations towards fightig malnutrition, cholera, measles and such related diseases.


Archive-it specialises in Onsite and offsite filing and archiving of records, Records retrievals, Records destructions, Automating records databases, Records management consultancy,Box sales and After sales audits.

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Custodial Services

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Lacho Freight

Lacho Freight provides a superior service for handling of bulk, containerised, project and out of gauge cargo, with flat-bed and drop-side trailers with unparalleled capacity for your cargo.

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